About CleverNet project

Data is the new gold

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„Data is the new gold“ and data driven governance is a future standard of public services and the result of on-going digital transformation. The project CleverNet (funded by EU Interreg V-A Slovak Republic under the title Implementation of innovative sensors networks in cross border regions) aims at two key activities that should support data economy in Czech and Slovak republics.

  1. Catalogue of sensor networks is a survey of use cases of sensors network in public services. Its goal is to collect and classify cases of deployment sensors network related to the state and municipalities needs and recommend the suitable minimum for public sector investments into digitisation and urban data collection, mainly for land planning agendas.

  2. Urban lab is a practical showcase of sensor network implementation in the city of Žilina designed based on the newest trends like climate change, digital economy and/or sustainable mobility. The aim is to create standard and open data sets for urban planning and its use across sectors and silos, so by various organizations.

More about the project itself can be found at https://clevernet.uniza.sk/o-projekte/